Congratulations! Someone has gifted you a Tarot consultation. What a thoughtful gift!

Please review “How to prepare for a Tarot reading” for help on how to consider your question and how to get the most out of your reading. (Some of the information is intended for in-person readings, but most of it will be applicable and helpful for remote readings, as well.)

This will help us respond using your correct pronouns. Without this, we will avoid using pronouns in our reading.
Please double-check your email address as it is the only way we can follow up.
Please include the code you were given OR the name of the person who gifted you this consultation.
Please provide both the question, as well as relevant context / background. If there is any lack of clarity, we will need to follow up with you by email before we can do the reading.
(Must be 18 or over and this is also helpful from an astrological standpoint for many readings.)